O North Sea Ferries on the Ruby princess deck plans pdf – Rotterdam route. Pride of Hull was designed as two ships in one, both a car ferry and a cargo transporter, with three large freight decks, loaded by a single stern door and a car deck, on deck 7, loaded via a side ramp.

She has two bow thrusters, two stabilisers and twin rudders. Pride of Hull was originally ordered as the Pride of Rotterdam, along with a sister ship Pride of Hull on 24 January 1999 from Fincantieri, Italy to replace the aging Norsea and Norsun which had been operating the Hull – Rotterdam route since 1987.

On 11 March 2001, the MV Norstar suffered a major engine room fire and was subsequently withdrawn from service upon arrival at Zeebrugge. As a result of this, the MS Norsun was required to go into refit early for subsequent transfer to the Kingston upon Hull – Zeebrugge as had been planned. The Hull – Rotterdam route operated with one British and one Dutch crew, the Dutch crew being assigned to Pride of Rotterdam and the British to Pride of Hull, as a result, in March 2001, with Pride of Hull having already been completed the names of the two vessels were swapped so that she could enter service as Pride of Rotterdam with the Dutch crew. O Ferries on 16 November 2001.

She was christened by Cherie Blair in Hull on 30 November 2001, entering service on 2 December 2001. Red deck is the deck of embarkation for all passengers and is a main deck. At the front of this deck are cabins 8101-8196.

They are accessed by three sets of stairs and an elevator. Behind this is the casino and bottom floor of the two deck high sunset showlounge.

After this is the two shops and the reception area that includes the information desk and the bureau de change. Behind is the giant 31. The stern most part of this deck is a small promenade section like on decks 7,9,10 and 11. Blue deck is the other main deck and is similar to Red deck.

Behind the cabins is the upper level of the sunset showlounge, the video arcade and the two cinemas. Moving backwards is Langlan’s Brasserie, the business lounge, wine bar, quiet room and freight drivers areas.

As on red deck there is a small promenade section. Green deck is a cabin deck that is accessed by nine sets of stairs and three lifts. The cabins on this deck are 10101-10480.

On 10 December 2008, Pride of Hull suffered a minor engine room fire whilst en route to Kingston upon Hull. Pride of Hull dominates Hull’s skyline when she is docked.

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