This article is about the neighborhood in Pittsburgh. The University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning dominates Oakland’s skyline. Oakland is the academic and healthcare center of Oakland zoo map pdf and one of the city’s major cultural centers.

The neighborhood is home to three universities, museums, and hospitals, as well as an abundance of shopping, restaurants, and recreational activities. Oakland is home to the Schenley Farms National Historic District which encompasses two city designated historic districts: the mostly residential Schenley Farms Historic District and the predominantly institutional Oakland Civic Center Historic District. It is also home to the locally designated Oakland Square Historic District.

The Pittsburgh Fire Bureau has Fire Station No. 10 on Allequippa Street in Oakland. Oakland is officially divided into four neighborhoods: North Oakland, West Oakland, Central Oakland, and South Oakland.

Each section has a unique identity, and offers its own flavor of venues and housing. Oakland is Pittsburgh’s second most populated neighborhood with 22,210 residents, a majority of these residents being students.