CBSE class 9 mathematics maths covers areas of parallelogram and triangle, area, circle, constructions, coordinate geometry, euclids geometry, frequency distribution, graphical distribution measures of central tendency pdf in hindi data, herons formula, measures of central tendency, probability, polynomials, quadrilaterals, number system, linear equations in two variables, lines and angles, statistics, surface areas and volumes, triangles, access study material for mathematics maths, students can free download in pdf, practice to get better marks in examinations. Assignments Assignments with important questions for all chapters for download in pdf. Students can download free assignments for practice, topic wise questions for all chapters. Syllabus Latest syllabus as issued by CBSE.

Along with weightage, refer to syllabus to prepare for class tests and school and board examinations. Concepts Concepts of all chapters and related topics made by teachers for students for easy learning. VBQs Value Based questions for all chapters. Download VBQs and use them for class and homework.

It helps to develop values in students. Online Tests Topic wise Online test for all chapters.

Do the online tests to practice and clear your concepts and prepare for examinations. Worksheets Worksheets for all chapters download in pdf for students for self practice and teachers can use them to give to students in schools.