PPI is a self-report, rather than interview-based, assessment. It is intended to comprehensively index psychopathic inventory report sample pdf traits without assuming particular links to anti-social or criminal behaviors. It also includes measures to detect impression management or careless responding. Hervey Cleckley and Robert D.

Additionally, the PPI also included two special validity scales designed to detect participants who were giving random, inconsistent, or insincere answers. This was to avoid attempts at malingering, and to eliminate subjects who seemed to have difficulty understanding multiple items. In 2005, the PPI was revised.

Social Potency, Stress Immunity, and Fearlessness subscales. Associated with less anxiety, depression, and empathy as well as higher well-being, assertiveness, narcissism, and thrill-seeking.

Carefree Nonplanfulness, Impulsive Nonconformity, Machiavellian Egocentricity, and Blame Externalization subscales. Associated with impulsivity, aggressiveness, substance use, antisocial behavior, negative affect, and suicidal ideation.