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OCR Nationals are vocationally related qualifications which were officially launched by the OCR Board in September 2004. The qualifications are designed to meet the needs of those seeking vocational education in place of the traditional, theory-intensive, academic route. The OCR Nationals are being phased out, and replaced by the Cambridge Nationals.

OCR Nationals are available at Levels 1, 2 and 3, and are perceived to be a viable alternative to the withdrawn GNVQs. The OCR Level 2 Nationals in ICT have been developed to recognise learners’ skills, knowledge and understanding of Information and Communication Technology functions, environments and operations.

The learners carry out a range of tasks that have been designed to recognise their achievements in a modern, practical way that is relevant to the workplace. They do not certificate competence on the job but are work-related qualifications which will support progression to an NVQ once a candidate is in the workplace. Promote interaction between employers, centres and learners by relating teaching and assessment to real organisations.