Need some A Level Maths help? Worked solutions for some A-level maths past year examinations. Mechanics curve sketching problems and solutions pdf Further Pure Mathematics. Students sitting exams from January 2014 will be awarded the new qualification.

What are the changes to the International Advanced Level in Mathematics specification? The Core units have been combined. C1 and C2 have been combined to create one unit. C3 and C4 have been combined to create one unit.

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Please submit your feedback or enquiries via our Feedback page. Embedded content, if any, are copyrights of their respective owners. Thus, a curve is a generalization of a line, in that curvature is not necessarily zero. Various disciplines within mathematics have given the term different meanings depending on the area of study, so the precise meaning depends on context.

However, many of these meanings are special instances of the definition which follows. A curve is a topological space which is locally homeomorphic to a line.

In everyday language, this means that a curve is a set of points which, near each of its points, looks like a line, up to a deformation. A simple example of a curve is the parabola, shown to the right. A large number of other curves have been studied in multiple mathematical fields.