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PDF of their customized schedule! On mobile devices, Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android are the only browsers known to work. Please read the instructions below.

For the best experience, use a non-mobile device. Tap on the title of a session to expand and collapse the session. You can select more than one paper for a time slot. Click on the Generate PDF button at the bottom of the page to generate the PDF for your selected talks.

To expand all parallel sessions at the same time, hold down the Shift key and click on any of the sessions. If all of the sessions are expanded, Shift-clicking will collapse all of them. Tapping on any of the location buttons will show the conference floor plan.

When you hover on a paper for a time slot, it is highlighted in yellow and its conflicting papers are highlighted in red for an easier comparison. This only works on non-mobile devices where parallel sessions are displayed adjacent to each other.

If papers have already been selected for a time slot, hovering on them or on papers that conflict with them highlights them in green. Since parallel sessions can have different combinations of long and short papers, the conflicting papers will depend on the paper you hover on. Chrome and Firefox have buttons for printing and saving as part of their PDF rendering UI. The generated PDF might have some blank rows at the bottom as padding since the PDF generation has been programmed to avoid rows being split across pages.

While saving the generated PDF on mobile devices, its name cannot be changed. If you notice any errors, encounter any problems, or have any suggestions, please submit them here. Notes:If you just want a list of all accepted papers without any timing information, please refer to this page.